Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well this is it! Finally all my bags are packed. Clothes for tomorrow are ready and I packed an extra bottle of water to go... Boy this has really been a travel of contrasts. It is trips like these which really make one appreciate what he's got back home, in more ways than just one!

Also I learned a great deal of respect for these people who sometimes are months away from their family for a "short trip". Let me tell you it's heartbreaking when your son does not want to speak to you on the phone because he feels this is not the real thing, not good enough. "No I don't want to speak to papa on the phone - papa just has to come home!"...

Regarding work, this was a very successful trip. We cleared a lot of issues and identified opportunities for improvements. Our to-do list for the High-Level SOA Architecture are longer than ever! Also we have learned that it is good to meet the teams face-to-face. This way, the customer has a face and can explain why we do the things we do. Finally we got a chance to make the team really feel appreciated.

Tomorrow I am returning home via Dubai and Düsseldorf. I am soooo longing for a 'normal' dutch home-made sandwich :). Don't get me wrong - I really loved whatever it is I ate (cannot remember the names) - the food was really great. But sometimes it just the good old Home-Sweet-Home.

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